Meet Your Rockstar Trainers

Toni Migliore

Toni Migliore is a Group Exercise Instructor certified through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America. She has had a passion and love for fitness dating back to her early years where she started working out in the gym with her older brothers. She became actively involved with Group Exercise in the 90's and was a member of the Bally's Fit Dance Team in Tampa, FL. Her love for all things fitness has taken her on an incredible journey, including several Bodybuilding Competitions, 5k's and The Ride For Missing and Exploited Children, where she biked over 100 miles in 8 hours.

Once she became a Certified Group Ex Instructor, she worked hard building her reputation and gaining the respect of her peers in the Industry. As her classes grew, her desire to help even more people on their quest for fitness also grew. Her dream of owning a Fitness Studio came to a reality this year when she, alongside her business partner and husband, Mike decided to open up the first "Night Club" style Fitness Studio on Cape Cod. In realizing that fitness sometimes is a daunting and difficult task for many, her philosophy of having fun and making each class feel more like a party than a workout was her inspiration in creating The Tone Club. Her unique style of creating a positive, safe, yet fun atmosphere, is not only what draws people to her high-energy classes, but keeps them coming back for more!

Along with her AFAA Group Ex Certification, she also holds her Matrix Small Group Training Certification, AFAA Group Resistance/Circuit Training, Pound®, Balancepoint Barre, Barre Variations, Spinning®, Spartan Strong, Kickboxing and CPR/AED Ceritifications.

She is a licensed Zumba® and Zumba® Step Instructor and is a Beachbody Coach Certified in Insanity® and Cize®.

Toni enjoys spending time at the beach with her husband, three children and their dog!

Jill Varietimos

Jillian's love for fitness began at the early age of 15 when she participated in a variety of school/rec sports.  She quickly realized through group fitness classes that was a great, fun and motivating way to exercise. Jillian's love for fitness started at the early age of 15 when she   She continued to take a variety of group fitness classes and enjoyed them all.  Recently she decided to take her passion and step up her gamIf wasn't until 2018 when she decided to take her love of fitness and  throughout  and decided to take it to the next level by recently obtaining her first certification as a Cycle Instructor in 2018.  Although new to the "instructing scene",  she quickly realized her love for helping and encouraging others obtain their fitness goals only fueled her passion even more, which is why she is currently working toward her Group Fitness Instructor Certification through AFAA.  JIllian is excited to join The Tone Club Tribe of amazing instructors as a Cycle Instructor in their newest Pop~Up ventrue ToneCycle.  

Danielle Hingston
Group Excercise Instructor

Danielle Hingston is a Certified Group Exercise Instructor as well as a Licensed Zumba Instructor. Her passion for fitness started at a young age when she became a competitive Gymnast. She took a love for dance and fitness and enjoyed participating in various Group Exercise classes. Danielle found her niche in class and thrived on the energy exuded in each one she participated in. It was at that point she decided to become a Certified Instructor.

Danielle's vibrant and contagious energy along with her dance style is what has made her a stand out Zumba® Instructor during the last 8 years she has been teaching. She keeps her members motivated and excited with her high energy and rocking music. She loves to get her sweat on all while having fun. She is Group Exercise and Floor Aerobics Certified with AAAI and is a Licensed Zumba® Instructor. She is excited to bring her style and energy to The Tone Club.

Jacqui Mysliwieci

From food writer, to personal trainer, to roller girl, Jacqui has a passion to inspire others to dare big, follow their dreams, and reach their goals one step (or skater jump!) at a time.

Jacqui has been playing roller derby for 4 years and is an in-house coach and off-skates conditioning coach for her team, the Cape Cod Salty Dolls.

Knowing the importance of conditioning the body for performance, she takes athletic training seriously with a strong focus in agility, endurance, balance and plyometrics which she incorporates into her group fitness classes- in the funnest ways possible.

Having been the "all about the foodie life" gal growing up (hence the past career!), she always felt she missed out on some valuable guidance in combining nutrition with fitness as a teen. That's why today she strives to be a positive and proactive mentor for the youth and their understanding of movement, mindset, and nutrition- and how to make it fun (... and for the healthy food- tasty, too!)

Jacqui is excited to join The Tone Club Tribe as a Small Group Trainer/Instructor.